Do this Get Rich - For Entrepreneurs by Jim Britt

Do this Get Rich - For Entrepreneurs

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Money is an uncomfortable subject for most of us. We have a love affair with money and at the same time we fear it. We can’t live without it and we can’t live with it. Most people would rather talk about their sex lives than money. Depending on how you relate to money, it can bring great joy into your life or it can make you miserable. Money influences every area of our lives--our professions, our families, our recreation and leisure time, our home, our lifestyle, even our spiritual pursuits. Almost everything we do, every decision we make, is influenced by money. 

Do This. Get Rich! Is a straight forward guide that offers 12 simple yet powerful tools for gaining financial success. You will win a new sense of direction and enduring confidence that will guide you toward achieving your most ambitious goals.

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