In a few short minutes of one day, the lives of the American people were dramatically changed forever by the most violent and tragic terrorist attack in the history of humankind. It was as if we were awakened from a deep sleep. We have had to rethink our circumstances and retrain our thoughts to function in a different world than the one we once knew.
 The question comes to mind. Were the Trade Center and the Pentagon the real targets or were the terrorists after the minds of the people by planting fear in them, knowing if they can control our minds through fear, they can control our country?
 The work contained on these pages offers practical tools that can be used to manage your life, your emotions and feelings. You will find it to be no less than self-healing for processing the unwanted feelings and emotions in everyday life. The rewards for using them are extraordinary!
Enjoy the journey! And be prepared. Your life is about to change!

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