What I Have Learned from My Six Sons by Jim Britt

What I Have Learned from My Six Sons

What I Have Learned from my Six Sons
Many parents think their purpose as parents is to teach their children, when in reality, if we listen and observe, our children can become our best teachers. Learning should be a two-way street. Children know a lot more about having a good time and enjoying life than most adults. They are insightful. They know how to laugh. They are curious. They are spontaneous instead of trying to work everything out. They are busy just “being.” In this book you’ll learn as I did about laughter, trust, curiosity, determination, acceptance, and how to use your imagination. Children are here to teach us and we are here to guide them. I hope you enjoy and learn as much from children as I did raising my six sons, Jeff, Jim, Warren, Weston, Will and Walker!

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